Gooooooo Team!!!

You know, the whole time I was going thru my cancer treatments, all the carefully restricted research I did on the internet didn’t get me a single young woman currently undergoing treatment for Inflammatory Breast Cancer. I found the IBC Support site that had wonderful patient stories. Stories that made me feel not so alone and gave me great hope. But none of the posts were recent. I was, frankly, afraid to wonder why there were no current posts… afraid to wonder where those women are today.

I found other sites that had bulletin boards of women currently undergoing breast cancer treatment – none with IBC, but still. I tried to post there but found the women to be pretty negative as a whole and certainly didn’t need any more of THAT in my life when I was struggling day to day to stay positive. I felt very alone in my little IBC corner of the world knowing that the general breast cancer statistics didn’t apply to me and my Over-Achieving Breast Cancer.

Now, I’m 8 1/2 months beyond treatment. A survivor, so to speak. And I am very conflicted for having found a young mother begining treatment for IBC. WhyMommy from Toddler Planet has just been diagnosed with IBC. She has two boys, a 5 month old a 2 1/2 year old. She needs everyone’s support and prayers for healing and strength right now. If you want to lend support to WhyMommy and her family visit Canape and join Team WhyMommy!


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