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    I’m 44, married and live in a sewerless small town on the central coast of California. I am an Inflammatory Breast Cancer survivor. My passions are reading, knowledge, shopping and photography – in varying order depending upon my mood. Though I’ve always wanted to be really good at something, I find that I’m just pretty good at most things. I live with my husband, Daddy-O, and our sons, Ben and Danny who are 10 and 5. Ben has ADHD and enough natural energy to power the Pacific Time Zone… and he’s not afraid to use it. Danny has Norries – a rare genetic disease causing him to be born blind. It’s a crazy, hectic life but I can’t complain any more than usual.
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Things that make me go "Oooh"

Everyone pick up your TiVo remote and program in Crazy Sexy Cancer for August 29th at 6:00 or 9:00.

A bit ago WhyMommy had emailed me in reply to my offer to forward some cancer books. He question was a valid one. (I’m paraphrasing here but you get the picture) “Are there any that are positive? Because the ones I’m scanning are scaring the crap out of me.” Unfortunately, I didn’t have much in the way of good news for WhyMommy and even joked that perhaps that should be my mission – to write the Girlfriend’s Guide to Cancer. Well someone beat me to it.

I went to the website and watched the trailer. I cried. Kris Carr’s 7 minutes rolled up my 18 months of treatment. I can’t wait to see what insight the special will have. I’m definitely buying the book (with forward by Sheryl Crow), Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips. Kris has a blog too…

Watch it. Buy it. Like it.


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