3,287 Days = Just Yesterday

Last night was magical. Not magical by the standards I used to hold, where a man would woo me in some enchanting location with softly whispered words of passion and promise while my head swam from too much drink and sexy hormones. But magical in a much more realistic, we’ve been married for nine (!!!) years, have two kids and a heavy mortgage but I still think you’re hot, kind of way. Yesterday was our 9 year anniversary. That’s 606 days of marital bliss and another 2,681 days of marriage after we had kids. And I wouldn’t trade in a day.

Who would have guessed our wedding vows would turn out to be so prophetic… “for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health…” Had I only known I was charting a course I might have picked some different ones. Maybe some with out the down side.

My gift to Daddy-O was an obligation-free morning (no dropping off children at school and daycare) so he could have and early morning surf session with all his contractor buddies. And I arranged for the kids to stay the night with the sitter. Daddy-O’s gift to me was a meal prepared with his own two hands that I didn’t have to lift a finger nor a brain cell for. It was heavenly!!! There was spinach salad, t-bone steaks cooked to perfection, warm fresh baked bread, baked potatoes and steamed mixed veggies – all washed down with my favorite Cakebread Chardonnay. Mmmmmm. And there wasn’t a sippy cup or a raised voice to be found. He also pulled a little surprise out of his hat (figuratively speaking, thankfully) and had dropped by the lingerie store. It was a very nice night. Daddy-O’s all full of surprises.

I’m looking forward to the next nine. I wonder what other tricks he’s got up his sleeve?


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