Good luck, good rest and good riddance!

The day has finally arrived. Tomorrow is the day we’ve all been praying for. Susan, WhyMommy to some of you, will finally have her double mastectomy.

Tomorrow marks a different direction for Susan’s life. After tomorrow, she will be cancer free! Susan has fought a long and hard battle to get to this place, never thinking of herself but of her kids. The trauma of losing her breasts is, I’m sure, a small sacrifice for the pleasure of watching your children grow to adulthood.

Yet it is a trauma still. It’s a trauma just as hard to digest as our soldiers returning from war minus various limbs courtesy of IEDs. Only her injury is courtesy of Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) and hers will save her life. Susan is a warrior also. She fights the good fight every day and battles an enemy that is invasive and insidious for the benefit of those who come after her – her children, my children, your children and grandchildren.

A warrior’s battle is not without sacrifice; sound sleep, sound body. Yet Susan has willingly and bravely fought this battle against IBC, thinking continually not of herself but of those who come behind her. She has fought tirelessly to inform the world of the underhanded nature of Inflammatory Breast Cancer. She is a hero. And tomorrow is her reward!

So, WhyMommy, I wish big cyber hugs for tomorrow. I’ll be thinking of you all day. Get lots of good rest afterwards… and good riddance to IBC! Good riddance to chemo! Good riddance to cancer!

Please, if you have some spare time, stop by and wish her some luck before she heads into battle.


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