Filling a need

You all know my friend Susan from Toddler Planet. Of course you do. Most of you found your way here from there. Well, a lot of moms funnel through her blog. Moms with cancer. There are so many moms out there with cancer… moms that are looking for guidance in their journey through chemo and beyond. And there’s really no place for them on the internet. Most support groups are full of women in their upper 50’s +. They are grandmothers. They aren’t trying to juggle play dates, housework and radiation. Susan had a wonderful idea and she was kind enough to bring me in at the lowest level. She wants to make a place for Mothers With Cancer to gather and share information and support; a place to gain courage and companionship; a place I wish I’d had when I was going through treatment. I’m all in.

We’re going to start a blog called, appropriately, Mothers With Cancer. We have many, many women bloggers who have agreed to be authors. You probably know many if not all of them. There’s Andrea from Punk Rock Mommy, Judy of JustEnjoyHim, Sarah from Sprucehill, the wonderful artist Mary Beth Volpini, RivkA from Coffee and Chemo, and Amanda from AlabamaPink. There are some others that I haven’t heard from yet.

I’m very excited about this project. Keep watching. We hope to launch in a week or so.


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