America’s game

Little League baseball season is over. Daddy-O coached for the first time this year. Farm League. That’s one step above T-Ball and one below Minors, for those of you with a life.

We almost didn’t let B play. I was completely against it. The last time he played (T-ball) was year before last. Just like the year before that, he was very excited to start and by the 3rd game or so was building sand castles in centerfield from sheer boredom. We skipped last year because of it and I wasn’t up for more of the same: battles to get him ready and sitting through games in biting spring ocean breezes.

But this year rocked!!! B’s Focalin made all the difference in his ability to focus on the game. He had a great season and really enjoyed himself. And what a joy to watch he and Daddy-O play catch in the back yard every evening, bond over baseball games on tv, and share the joy of collecting baseball cards & comparing stats.

I’m doing a video for the end of season pizza party. It has been a labor… but definitely one of love.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a few photo highlights of B’s season.

I’m glad B wants to play again next year. And I think Daddy-O will coach again too. But right now, I can’t wait until soccer…


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