The future Piano Man

Future Piano Man

This is my son, D. He has been blind since he was born from a very rare genetic disease. He absolutely loves music. And cars, trucks, buses, mowers, blowers, weed eaters, and seatbelts.

He had a surprise waiting for him at preschool today. In the far corner of the playground near the dead rabbit’s hutch, was an old, beat up piano. I’m really shocked that he did as well as he did sharing with the other kids…

Bird\'s Eye

So, it’s time for you all (Ha! Like there’s really anyone out there!) to earn your keep. What is your opinion of this last photo? The point of view? The black & white versus color? Advise is what this site is all about.


3 Responses

  1. Great post. I’m going to have to share this with my students!

  2. Both photos are priceless!!! Stick to black and white.
    You must be very proud. He’s beautiful.

    I taught a blind teenage girl this past summer as a guest clinician. She was amazing and very very advanced. ! You may want to consider finding him a teacher. I teach the Suzuki method (check out my blogs for more info) but the approach is based on listening, so it would work.

    Enjoy and good luck!

  3. my site is;

    There should be a couple of blogs that may interest you.

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