Things that made me cry or almost cry this morning

This article in our paper. I don’t really know why. I read it and thought it was very touching. So much so that I read it out loud to Daddy-O and B. Ha! That was the kiss of death.

I got to just about the words “laid his head” and the water works started. See if you don’t understand after you read it yourself.

Well? Want a tissue? No? I guess I’m just sentimental that way. B asked if I knew them. Wasn’t I embarrassed to tell him no.


In the “I didn’t cry but should I?” department:

B was interviewing Daddy-O in preparation for his class Share Your Father Day tomorrow. One of the questions was: If you had three wishes what would they be? My ears perked up oh, so expectantly for Daddy-O’s answers.

Wish #1: “Hmmm. To be healthy.”

Wish #2: “Should it be for D to see or for us to have a bigger house?” Daddy-O asks. B points out that D is quite fine just as he is. (points for B) But Daddy-O notes that he would be even better if he could see so “no blindness it is.”

Wish #3: “My last wish. Some where, some how to have a large garage or workshop all to myself.”

Notice that nowhere in there is a wish that I don’t get sick again. At least I noticed. And I said something too. To Daddy-O’s credit he stumbled a bit over his words, hemmed and hawed. And then said one of the sweetest things he’s said in recent history. “Well, I guess I just don’t think of you as sick anymore.”

Just like always, a woman’s self-image is her own worst enemy.


Oh yeah. I almost forgot. We’re launching today over at Mothers With Cancer. Go check out the new diggs.


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