Button Up

Ooh! Did you see the fancy new buttons on my sidebar? Snazzy, no? The Mothers with Cancer (MWC) button (well both, actually) is courtesy of The Mayor of Lemonland, now Worldwide Breast Cancer. She is a force to reckoned with in fighting breast cancer and generous beyond reason.

A short week or so ago WhyMommy offered extra credit (in the form of undying appreciation) for anyone with artistic ability to help create a banner for the MWC site. The Mayor not only raised her hand but went on ahead and started creating while we had our backs to the classroom. I think you’ll agree that her efforts are outstanding. I love the simplicity of her mother’s faceless image. It has a very universal quality to it. I also appreciate that she is not bald. In fact, it’s the baby wearing the hat. Ha! Above all else, it feels like life. And motherhood. And hope in the future. Awesome job, Mayor!
Then, just to be greedy, we asked if she could make us a fancy schmancy button for our visitors to take with them when they go. Well, looky, looky. Here are some just for you. Just right click and copy them to your computer then post them on your sidebar. Don’t forget to link to us at http://motherswithcancer.com/. Then go tell The Mayor what a wonderful job she’s done and check out her own incredible site.
She made us several choices.

I’ll offer them all to you.
Here’s a nice text version. Stunning in it’s simplicity, isn’t it.

And my personal favorite.
By the way, while you are at Worldwide Breast Cancer, don’t forget to download The Mayor’s own pretty buttons for your site also. Let’s get the word out to those who need to hear it!

Give cancer the one-two punch. Prevent another cancer tragedy and educate yourself with Worldwide Breast Cancer and learn how to live after cancer through knowledge and support at Mothers With Cancer.

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