A few feelings on last night…

Have you ever seen anything like it? Obama supporter or McCain. Republican or Democrat. Liberal or Conservative. Have you ever been a part of something that grand?

Is that what it was like when JFK was President? Because if it was, OMG. No wonder there was such devastation at his assassination.

I have to say that the actual vote counting was pretty anti-climactic. Is the Electoral College antiquated, or is that just me? But watching the reporters on MSNBC (admittedly pro-Obama) try to keep their cool, contain their growing incredulousness and not announce too early was priceless.

Once the official projection was made… my Lord. I have never seen such a thing. It looked like New Year’s Eve in Time’s Square… everywhere people could gather. (How do people pee in those crowds? Seriously? Do they wear Depends?) Crying. Texting. My phone was going off.

And our beloved Tim Russert’s son, Luke’s report from somewhere in Florida surrounded by a group of his peers… brought tears to my eyes for the truth of his words. I’m paraphrasing here: Luke said that the students basically felt that Obama was their president. The first one to represent their interests and their agenda. NOT their parent’s presidents. Obama will hear their voice and listen to them.

I’ll go them one step further. Obama makes me feel as if I am a part of this government. A vital part.

Oh, I can go on and on… but essentially it’s this. America as I have always known it changed last night. I was a part of it. I am proud of that.

Am I afraid for Obama? Afraid some psycho will hate the goodness and truth that lives inside him and seek to snuff it out? To my very bones. But if he is willing to risk it, so am I.


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