In lieu of a resolution…

I hate resolutions. They allow no leeway and are doomed to failure. So instead I will project onto 2009 my wishes. I challenge you to do the same. issued a challenge for their readers to write their memoir in six words. The results were wonderful and ingenious. One that could also be my memoir is from reader Jared2:

“Broke. Payday. Broke. Payday. Broke. Payday … “ Jared2

A couple other samples:

“Current lawyer, aspiring writer, often silly.” Jenbynight

“Too much hair, then not enough.” Burstoflethargy

The Challenge
1. Write your memoir in six words. Or, if you’re feeling less expansive, just sum up 2008.
2. Use six words to sum up your wishes for 2009.
3. Link to this blog in your post.
4. Tag as many or as few people as you wish. No pressure here. List them in your post.

My memoir:
Boobies; breasts; tube socks; tumor; Bellyboob.

Work and pay; hope and pray.
My Wishes for 2009 are not very original but truly heartfelt:
More money; less debt; universal health.

I am going to tag:

May you and yours have a successful, safe and healthy 2009!


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