Happy Birthday to me!

This is what the modern-day, 43 year old, double mastected, two and one half year cancer thriver looks like!

I passed all my tests with flying colors. My bones scans were very bony. My CT was quite unremarkable. And my wonderful oncologist said I am just going to live forever. Forever. It has a nice ring to it. Well, perhaps not forever. I wouldn’t want to outlive my bladder control, after all…

Some of my friends tip-toe around my age or suggest that I might be 39 this year with a conspiratorial wink. “Oh, no you don’t!”, I think to myself, “I earned this age! There was a time not long ago I didn’t think I’d live to see it!” Besides, 39 was when I was diagnosed.

You can keep 39!!!!!

I’ll take 43, and 44, and 50, and 60… any day!!!!!

Cross posted to Mothers With Cancer


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