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    I’m 44, married and live in a sewerless small town on the central coast of California. I am an Inflammatory Breast Cancer survivor. My passions are reading, knowledge, shopping and photography – in varying order depending upon my mood. Though I’ve always wanted to be really good at something, I find that I’m just pretty good at most things. I live with my husband, Daddy-O, and our sons, Ben and Danny who are 10 and 5. Ben has ADHD and enough natural energy to power the Pacific Time Zone… and he’s not afraid to use it. Danny has Norries – a rare genetic disease causing him to be born blind. It’s a crazy, hectic life but I can’t complain any more than usual.
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My Week in Pictures

Last Tuesday Ben broke his collar bone. He was doing something horribly dangerous… walking a dog. Yeah. I know. Oh course, he threw a pine cone for the dog while holding her leash and promptly found himself sunny-side up in the middle of the street feeling very glad he’d unwrapped the leash from his hand as instructed. Now he suffers the natural consequences of his lack of forethought. Below see his guinea attempting to hide in his sling.

I’m thinking it’s going to be an early fall in these parts. Not only has it been an unusually mild summer (barring the last week or so) but all the wildlife are out en masse already. Earlier this week I saw two spotted fawns grazing all on their own by the side of the road as I left work. And me without a camera. I. Know.

So the next day when a whole flock of a dozen or so turkey casually strolled along the side of the road on base I was ready. This fella is mighty plump for so early in the season.

Wonder Sitter took Danny to the County Fair today. He loves riding on all the rides! He had his first taste of cotton candy and declared it to be “fuzzy”. He also kissed a sheep, hugged a cow and asked to take them all home. He threw darts at balloons and, best of all, allowed his face to be painted for the first time in his life!!!

It was quite the busy week…


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