That’s A New One.

We went to the fair Saturday Night. Danny was all fired up to ride the Ferris Wheel so he and I went on ahead of Ben and Daddy-O who were looking through the buildings.

I am so very proud of Danny. He doesn’t always want to use his cane. Maybe he realizes it marks him as handicapped. Maybe he’s just naturally lazy. Or maybe he’s just four. Whatever. It doesn’t really matter because on Saturday night he was doing an excellent job of it. He points his index finger down the cane and sweeps just like Kevin taught him. And he hardly ever lifts his cane off the ground. How many four year olds do you know that wouldn’t swing a big stick every which way if given a chance?

So, there we were, weaving our way through the thickening crowd of Saturday Night fair-goers, when a small group of girls walked by in the opposite direction. They were about 7 or 8, giggling and falling into each other as they walked by. Danny’s cane caught one girl’s eye as she passed. She held up her friends. Their heads came together, then glanced our way; they backtracked the three steps we’d managed to progress.

“Did he win that?”

“Huh? Win what?” I thought.

She nodded her head towards Danny’s cane.

“Oh…” Teehee. What kind of carny booth gives away canes????


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