Titleless in the Blogosphere

So, you may have heard that the Chilean Earthquake rocked the world.  Literally.  Andreas Reitbrock, a professor of Earth Sciences at the U.K.’s Liverpool University, says that Santa Maria Island near Concepcion, Chile may have been raised as much as six feet by the 8.8 quake!   Yowza!!!!  And that’s not all!  According to NASA, the quake may have permanently altered the Earth’s axis resulting in a loss of  1.26 microseconds each day. More lost sleep for us poor parents.  We just can’t catch a break.  sigh

I had the best laugh I’ve had in weeks while reading up about the quake-induced time crunch.  There are some very witty people out there in Webland and they are all commenting on news articles.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Octothorp says:  
“And the planet’s axis may have moved three inches.
Insert nightclubby short penis and/or erectile dysfunction joke [here].”        

Fadviral brings it home with:
“Great. My phone’s GPS already reckoned I was half a mile away from wherever I was actually located. Now it’s half a mile plus three inches. :/”

Tipsy Hausfrau endears herself to me forever with:
 “See? I totally don’t have time to go to the gym now. Can’t argue with science.”  

HowardRoarkLaughed only made me smirk with his:
“Same thing happened the last time Kirstie Alley fell out of bed.”

Claire Buoyant gets extra points for the political tie in:
So where does this put the Axis of Evil now?”

Damn it! Just when the days were starting to get longer too!”      (Seriously!)

Also, TurdBlossum?  Really?


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