The Grand Tour or… what I learned today

Today I walked 8.75 miles.   I mapped out a monster route encompassing most of Los Osos.

I left the house at noon.  I walked into downtown, past the skate park, through the adjacent neighborhood toward Monarch Grove Elementary.  From there I headed down past the golf course to a nice little trail called Monarch Ave.

I like to reward myself with a little natural beauty every few miles or so…

I crossed through the housing tract back to the golf course.  In front of the clubhouse I was reminded, once again of a very important truth:  no matter how difficult life seems, someone has it harder. In this case it was a family out for a walk.  Grandma was pushing a stroller with twin infants inside.  She was flanked by their parents, both in wheelchairs.  Twins.  Wheelchairs.  Whew!

It’s all about perspective…

Miles 3.5 to 5 is on of my favorite stretches.  The way back bay and Sweet Springs Nature Preserve.

I am never disappointed in the view!

Right about this time I learned a few very important lessons. If one is heading out on an eight and a half mile walk…

1. It would behoove them to eat before leaving… even if they don’t feel hungry.

2. One should take into account the need to use a restroom and map their route accordingly.

Regarding item one:  I sucked it up and ate ravenously when I got home.  As for the second item… well, I am just very thankful someone down by the bay was thoughtful enough to have a port-a-potty in their driveway for the construction workers.

By that time I was on the downward side of my little jaunt and got a bit of second wind.  I circled the bay and took a spin through the Elfin Forest finishing up with a stroll down the bike path, past Baywood Elementary and, sweet Heaven, home.

Other lessons:

1.  Soft sand is evil incarnate.

2.  I may have reached a walking distance where I need a spare pair of socks.  My feet were not very comfortable toward the end.

3.  Sunscreen is a must for a 3 hour jaunt.

4.  I really wish our hot tub was hot.

So there you have it.  Every day is a learning opportunity.


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