Mirror, Mirror

I have been walking.  And walking.  And walking.  Unfortunately, not walking my butt off. 

When I started training for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in January I was heavier than I’d ever been outside of pregnancy.   I had no illusions about how I looked physically.  Roughly the equivalent of this:

Even though I’m In It To End It and not to Lose It, getting skinny would be a happy benefit. 

After 9 weeks of walking, walking, walking and sometimes even (gasp!) running a little (if it’s downhill and no one is watching), I feel fit.  I can walk my hills without stopping.  More importantly, I don’t feel like I need to lay on the ground gasping for air either.  I feel good at the end of a walk.  Like I could go a little farther.  Like I look like this:

I want to look like this.

Imagine my surprise and disgust when I saw something more similar to this in the mirror last night. 

Lingerie + menopause = hate!!!

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall

Can’t you ever lie at all?


3 Responses

  1. I’m right there with you. The 15 post hysterectomy pounds are killin me. It has put me into a size and a half bigger in my clothes and I don’t have that size in my closet. Dang it. If I wasn’t having such extreme asthma issues the walking would be the answer for me. So Sad. Isn’t there and Easy Button out there somewhere?

  2. Mirrors lie. At some point you have to walk away from that hateful woman in the mirror and find the woman that’s there when you laugh, when you make people laugh and when you conquer something. Walk away from the mirror 😉

  3. Right there with you! Almost four months into this walking thing, and I can now walk 10 miles without feeling like I need to sit down and take a nap in the middle of the trail. My body is definitely stronger and more healthy, BUT as far as my weight goes, I’m right. back. where. I. started. from. The three pounds I gained in the first two weeks have FINALLY come off, but that’s it – it just seems so unfair!!

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