Birthday Butterflies

Today my baby turned five years old.  He’s not a baby any more.  Somewhere in the passage of years he has transformed from the sleepy, snugly bundle of baby-smell we brought home from the NICU to the precocious, charming boy who drums his day away.

He came into the world 5 weeks early with a full head of beautiful hair and a known single kidney that seems so unimportant today.

In a just few short weeks his eyes failed and he had his first surgery.  The day I learned he would never see is still the worst day of my life.

Despite all of that he never failed to push his ginormous cheeks apart with his wonderful smile!

I’ve watched him learn to explore his world and enjoy what it has to offer!

He loves people… even though he doesn’t interact with them well all the time…

And in many, many ways he’s still my snugly baby boy who needs my protection.

Yet day after day I see him evolve, grow, and become more confident.

Today when his VI teacher tried to show him some hand motions to a song he said, “I can do it myself.  I know it!  I’m 5 years old!”

And sure enough, he is.  My snugly little caterpillar is transforming into a wonderfully marked and accomplished butterfly.  Just like this one from preschool that shares Danny’s birthday.

Happy birthday, butterfly.  Happy birthday, my sweet Danny.


3 Responses

  1. Happy birthday Danny, you are getting so grown up!

  2. Happy Birthday Danny, and Imstell too — what a journey you’ve had already, bud. We’re here, and can’t wait to hear more about you as you grow up!

  3. Lovely, Stella. Thank you for sharing this…

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