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I’m starting a new topic:  Cancer Today.  Often there is cancer news that I think is important to pass on but a short sentence or two would cover it.  Sometime a “WTF?” or a milder snark is more appropriate.  Hardly worthy of a whole blog post, so this is my solution.


Health Day reports on yet another breast cancer risk:  dense breasts.  Ironically, the tech at my very first mammogram over ten years ago told me that my dense breast tissue would make it hard to find cancer one day.  Silly me.  I thought he was speaking hypothetically.  I didn’t realize he had a crystal ball.

Actually, the real news is that as breast density decreases, so does cancer risk.  Also, Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) actually increases breast density.

It is so encouraging to hear new risk factors.  I remember when I thought I was safe from breast cancer because I didn’t have a family history.  Actually, a family history only increases a woman’s risk by 5-10%.  Check out Up To Date for Patients for a complete list of risk factors for breast cancer.


Did you see this article on the insurance company WellPoint?  The one that says that WellPoint routinely uses an algorithm to automatically target policyholders recently diagnosed with breast cancer for immediate fraud investigations?  Investigations who’s sole purpose is to find something amiss in order to cancel the policy in question?

Real fraud didn’t even have to exist.  Flimsy evidence or suspicion results in canceled policies.  Canceled in the middle of an extended medical crisis.  Canceled when a woman and her family are under more stress than they can already bear.  An insurance policy canceled when the patient is likely to be off work for treatment and/or unable to manage her normal responsibilities and requiring extra help.

Yes, WellPoint!  Let’s elevate profits above a woman’s life.  Let’s add to the unbearable  stress and terror a family experiences during a life and death battle.  Worst of all, let’s add insult to injury by accusing the victim of fraud to divert attention from your greed.

I am horrified and sickened.  Who runs these companies?

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  1. unbelievable, and you put it mildly with “horrified and sickened”. How does one run a company this way and feel good about anything. I think you are an amazing woman Stella, as well as

    Unbelievable! You put it mildly with “horrified and sickened”. How does anyone run a company this way and ever feel peace? I think you are an amazing person, mother and wife Stella.

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