Educate to Eradicate


Dear Breast Cancer,

I always knew you were out there.  Lurking.  Wreaking havoc in people’s lives.  But we didn’t travel in the same circles and I thought my family was safe from your poison.  How naive I was!

A typical bully, you came into my life at my weakest point.  You thought I’d be an easy mark!  Well, the joke was on you!  I fought you!  I beat you!   You’ve been out of my life for four glorious years now.  Here’s a news flash for you:  I don’t miss you one bit!

You caught me off guard in 2005.  It won’t happen again.  My new life’s mission is to ensure you can’t do the same to other women.  I will educate as many women as I can to eradicate you!

Watch your back, cancer!  I’m coming for you!



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