Some of My Favorite Quotes


After complaining to Danny that I had a headache…
Danny: “I get a headache when I have a fever.” Taps top of his head, “Fevers make my head hurt right here in my imagination.”



Danny:  “Mom… why don’t you just be free.”
Me: “Wha? Um… ok.”
Danny:  “Yeah. Just let freedom reign.”



Danny (in very stern voice): “DON’T pick me up like that!”
Dad: “Why not?”
Danny: “Well, because I don’t have hydraulics!”



While listening to Christmas music…

Danny:  “What is ‘Lord’?”

Me:  “Another name for God.”

Danny: “What is ‘Christ’?”

Me: “Another name for Jesus.”

Danny: “What is ‘IHOP’?”


October 2010

Danny: “Everyone should call me “Mr. Hullabaloo Big Ta Do Excitement”.



Danny while sitting on my lap feeling the crease of my curled up leg:  “Is this a butt?”


Stopped to talk to a woman taking donations for her Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in front of Wal Mart.  She began to hand me a pamphlet on Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

Me:  “Who had IBC?”

Her:  “My mother.”

Me:  “So did I!”

Her (with a stricken/shocked look on her face):  “I’ve never met a survivor!”



Danny:  “When I go to Heaven I don’t want God and Jesus to see me frow up.”



I was getting ready to head out on a (hopefully) mood-changing stroll while fending off Danny’s incessant questions.  When I explained that I was in a very grumpy mood he asked why.  I told him that his yelling, arguing and constantly telling me “no” made me unhappy which made me grumpy.

He replied, “Maybe you shouldn’t let me do that.”


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  1. coolest ever quotes!

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